About Switch Pop-Up Bar

SWITCH Pop-Up Bar, Richmond’s first and only pop-up cocktail bar, is nestled in the heart of the Arts District and features two distinct themes: one located upstairs on the main level and one located downstairs in the basement level. Themes are set to change approximately three to four times a year. SWITCH was curated by Managing Partner, Crystal Shah, and features artwork from local and national mural artists. Switch is a unique cocktail bar immersing guests in an interactive art installation experience paired with craft cocktails.

Switch is a little different from all of these, the key difference being that a permanent venue will house two floors of ever-changing experiences. Albeit irresistible, is this kind of thing sustainable? The folks behind Switch say there's a method to their madness.

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Our Story

The Idea

Switch Pop-Up Bar was a project designed by Co-Founders Crystal & Kunal Shah. They wanted to bring a unique cocktail program to Richmond that would integrate with art installs to create a whole, immersive experience for a few months. Then the space would be completely transformed and  "switch" into another experience, keeping the model always fresh and ever-changing.

The Cocktails

All the cocktails are custom created by our bartenders and are inspired by the theme. Every cocktail is designed by different palettes to highlight flavors that are spicy, sweet, smoky, and more. You can learn how to make our cocktails by visiting our YouTube Channel, "Poptails".

The Art

All design concepts, decor and art installs are created in-house by our Switch Team. We collaborate with national and local mural artists to create large scale art pieces that pair with the cocktails to create "Switch Pop-Up Bar".

green Christmas-themed minty cocktail served in a coupe glass garnished with a Christmas tree Peep

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